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Welcome to Perle graphic design

- a branding agency creating & developing unique brands.
We create visual communication that moves you.


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What can we do for you?


A Selection Of Our Work


Our Services

Perle graphic design AS offers a full creative service within branding, digital, spatial and print design. Making creative design solutions strategically grounded and executed to build belief at a personal level and global scale, we serve our gorgeous clients.         


About Us

We believe in communication that moves. We believe a relation | connection is created when you move someone with your message. We make visual communication that moves you.






Our philosophy and creative process are based on a conceptual approach (global view) where innovative thinking, critical thought, experimenting & collaborations are key.


From concept and design to realisation, Perle graphic design AS is a branding agency that infuses every collaboration with strategy, design and technology.

Our integrated approach enables clients to build business while building their brands. Since it's inception in 2005, Perle graphic design AS has worked on a wide range of projects in equally as many industries.


Our mission is to create visual communication that moves* you.


Collaborating with clients who seek distinctive and innovative brand- / branding solutions through creative lateral thinking**, quality design and execution.


Small-scale to monumental, local to global, start-up to established, it is our pursuit to discover the ultimate potential of a project or brief. Resolving each design task with clarity, creativity and authenticity.

* To move:
- to set or keep in motion; to cause to fonction; to cause to progress or advance; to arouse the emotions of; addect; to excite or provoke to the expression of an emotion. On the move: making progress; advancing

** Lateral thinking:
- solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and in solving ideas that may not be obtainable by using traditional step-by-step logic.




Our Core Values


Countryside Road

We aim to create brands and visual communication that moves you. To move our clients forwards, upwards,
increasing success. To create solutions that move you.
To create emotions & actions.

© perle graphic design




We aim to create brands and visual communication based on high quality creative solutions. To make creative, unexpected solutions that move. By stepping outside the "comfort zone", the habits, the usual way of thinking... you get new perspectives, ideas, thoughts and inspiration.

© perle graphic design

We aim to be authentic, to create brands and
visual communication based on and showing
authenticity - to create trust between you
(our clients) and us, and between your
company and your clients.

© perle graphic design


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