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Researches, Analyses, Strategies, Packaging, communication tools


Aalesundfish AS | Norway


Aalesundfish AS is one of Norway's top quality marketers of Norwegian Seafood and salmon in particular and is represented in France, Italy and China. Aalesundfish offers their clients a wide range of High Quality Norwegian Seafood Products.


Perle graphic design was asked to develop packaging adapted for the French market. We did market research to find out about preferences and habits amoung buyers and final consumers in the French market

- and the results of the analyses gave us valuable information on how, where and when to focus. We developed adapted packaging and communication tools. Focus: move people (technique:  storytelling in this case).

Price stick to be chipped out of the packaging

Inside of the packaging


- from our research in France - presentation & selection of products, prices, preferences, trends, demands, consumer behaviour..

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