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M&A Vins de France | France (soon Norway)


M&A Vins de France is situated in the famous vineyards close to Bordeaux and their main market is Norway. At this moment (Oct 2015), M&A Vins de France has established a company in Norway to import the delicious wine which includes their red wine No7 and white wine No3. «Grand Vins de Bordeaux». Tasteful pleasures.


Tradition, history and quality in each drop. We aimed to create a modern identity keeping the history in the heart. Authenticity. The combination of black (logo and old images) together with vivid and/or warm colours like tones of brown (oak, wood), green (leaves, grapes) contributes to give a sophisticated and modern look with a touch of contemporary | urban style. The symbol represents France (hexagon) and the network. A geometric shape to contrast to nature and to add modernity.

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