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To find the brand. The correct fit. According to who you are, your services, how you would like to be perceived.
This is our challenge and our passion.

Having a name, but no identity, our client contacted us. Marie Dupouey Coaching is offering professional coaching. Situated in the Bordeaux area,
the company is close to the Atlantic Ocean, large beaches, boat-life and surfing.
Important elements for the founder of the company. We created a logo and a brand platform on which we based the development of their visual identity - and elaborated a brand style guide / brand manual.

The brand manual is a wonderful tool to facilitate the communication keeping the guidelines in mind so everything is created in the same tone of voice. This will create a strong brand.

Slogan: Parce que l'épanouissement peut aussi être un objectif professionnel
(translated into something like this: To be happy can also be a professional goal)


Marie Dupouey Coaching
Logo | Identity | Branding

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