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Terravera AS

Client:          Terravera AS
Country:      Norway & International     
Project:        Logo, slogan / payoff, brand, branding

To find the brand. The correct fit. According to who you are, your services, how you would like to be perceived.
This is our challenge and our passion.

Having several name options, and no identity but some ideas, our client contacted us to help them choose the best name and to visualize their new
brand. A great challenge, since their targets are spread in different levels in the society, the identity must embrace them all.
Their mission: providing tools to unite sustainable knowledge.

We created a logo and a brand platform on which we based the development of their visual identity - and elaborated a brand style guide / brand manual. The brand manual is a wonderful tool to facilitate the communication keeping the guidelines in mind so everything is created in the same tone of voice. This will create a strong brand. We created their co-founder label and a large range of communication tools | prints - in addition to the visuals for the platform they use for their collaborators & partners.

And we participated in the creation of their slogan: Make Sustainability a Reality.

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