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UPTIME International AS | Norway




UPTIME International AS develops, markets and installs motion compensated equipment in cooperation with its owners, both leading in their fields; control systems for motion compensated equipment | advanced vessel systems, and market leader in aluminium helidecks and large gangways. UPTIME International has developed the world's first motion compensated helideck, dramatically increasing the landing window on the PGS vessels «Ramform Sterling» and «Ramform Sovereign».

Perle graphic design has had the pleasure of working with UPTIME International since the beginning (2011) - when they asked us to create and develop their brand. Because their clients are related to offshore where the conditions can be very rough; ocean always in move,  large waves + the UPTIME's focus: to assure stability with their motion compensated equipment - the creativity process started with this in mind:the contrast; movement & stability


Movement as in WAVES and stability as in HARMONY, SAFETY, SECURITY. Based on these keywords, we started to create the identity. Conceptual approach: we included the atmosphere / environment in which UPTIME International (and their clients) operate

- to give the identity a global consideration.

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