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Naming, branding, communication tools


Wüthrich Notaires Associés, France


Wüthrich Notaires Associés is a law firm with a mission of public authority which prepares contracts authenciated form on behalf of it's clients. With the constantly evolving business and legal landscape, law firm's must anticipate the likelihood of change in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Establishing a solid, competitive position, identifying opportunities and implementing effectice approaches to act on them is the receipe for a law firm longevity.

Wüthrich Notaires Associés contacted us to re-make their identity: naming, branding and developing communication tools, through design as a strategic tool to strenghten the position in their market.


Our goal, is to help our clients to gain visibility, communicate credibility, enhance, or in some cases, remake their image. With our extensive experience creating and implementing strategic plans and platforms, we develop distinctive programs targeted towards strengthening existing client relationships and building new ones. For Wüthrich Notaires Associés, which is situated close to the majestic French Alps, we were of course, also inspired by these surroundings; The Alps. Mountains.


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Different pattern to play with - in communication tools

Blue mountains.
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